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Session focuses on well-water testing results in Douglas County

Douglas County land conservation and health departments announced the results are in from a countywide well-water testing program conducted in February.

Participants in the program, as well as the general public, have an opportunity to learn about the results at a free educational presentation at 6 p.m. March 28 in the Solon Springs Community Center, 11523S Business Highway 53, Solon Springs.

No registration is necessary.

The free session is open to the public, and will include presentations on the countywide test results and how they compare to the rest of the state. Participants who want to learn more about their individual well water testing results will benefit from this educational program.

Test results include metals (arsenic, lead, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc); inorganics (calcium, potassium, sodium sulfate, nitrate, chloride, hardness, alkalinity, conductivity, pH0; and bacteria (coliform/e-coli). Informational handouts and refreshments provided.

Anyone unable to attend the educational session who would like more information on the results, can contact Christine Ostern, Douglas County land conservationist, at (715) 395-1380.

According to Ostern, "The discounted well-water testing program was offered through a groundwater education program grant, and was well received, attracting more than 100 participants," Ostern said. "The report will be used to develop a regional water quality database for Douglas County."

Because of the program's success, it is hoped that this reduced cost program will be repeated in the future.